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Zenith Presto’s peloton to support cancer care

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Endurance and charity ride specialists Zenith Presto Racing are preparing for the four-day 600km Red Sky Ride to support Solaris Cancer Care.

Zenith Search and Presto Cycling Apparel formed the team on a shared love of cycling, however, quickly realised they wanted to ride for something more than themselves.

“We set up the team and decided that even if it is in a small way, we wanted to support a charity.

Whether that was financially or just in terms of raising awareness,” Zenith Search managing director

Chris Norris said.

The charity of choice was Solaris Cancer Care through the Red Sky Ride. Solaris is a community-based healthcare organisation offering support, information, education and complementary therapies to cancer patients,...

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Ray Purcell – Red Sky Ride 2021 Rider

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Ray Purcell wanted a personal challenge, but he didn’t expect it to come from his Facebook feed.

Intent on joining a ride, he spotted a Red Sky Ride post and decided to participate in support of his family and friends affected by cancer.

“I have family member and a good mate, both in their own personal cancer journeys,” Ray said, sharing a photo of his good mate, Todd, who convinced him to take on a cycling challenge and go to Italy in 2013 and complete the Nove Colli Gran Fondo.

“Both are making use of Solaris and the feedback about the care and support gave me the confidence to get behind this effort,” he said.

Ray said Todd is in “real trouble with cancer” but engaged with Solaris and was receiving great support.

Ray initially set out...

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Chris Vigor - Red Sky Ride 2021 Rider

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Chris Vigor is a 31-year-old living in Perth who has been cycling for three years as a road rider and cycles on average 200km a week.

Chris enjoys riding and was inspired to get into cycling by his friends and family. 

He has completed two Red Sky Rides and has been encouraged by his work colleagues at QBE. 

He aims to hit the minimum target of $3,000 for Solaris Cancer Care and continues to stay motivated to commit to the event each year.

“It’s a fantastic event, with great riding, and supports a magnificent cause and you make great friendships,” Chris said.