Red Sky Ride


Red Sky Ride Volunteers

The Volunteer Crew is vital to the success of the ride. Your contribution to the ride and Solaris Cancer Care is significant. Many of our volunteers return year after year, and have an amazing ability to motivate riders to keep the pedals turning.

This year participants will face the challenge of riding over 650kms between 24 - 27 February 2022.

As a volunteer you are fully supported with travel, accomodation and meals covered. You will also get to enjoy being part of the experience supporting and socialising with the Red Sky team where you’ll be truly valued.

We’re looking for volunteers to be the friendly, welcoming and have the Riders health, safety and wellbeing as your priority.

Volunteer positions available are

Massage therepists and chiropractors

Experienced Cycle Mechanic

Medic, Nurse or Senior First Aider


As a Volunteer, you’ll be donating your valuable time to a worthy cause – contributing to Solaris Cancer Care’s ability to support those going through the cancer journey.

The 2022 Red Sky Ride is fun for everyone, even if you don’t feel like jumping on your bike!

Please email [email protected] to register.

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